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Sealing films

420/500m HARD PEEL 52 micron ANTIFOG lidding film - Sealing films - Foils - Packaging

HARD PEEL/ANTYFOG lidding film

Sealing films
Delivery: paczkomat
Length: 500 m
Width: 420 mm
Colour: transparent
Usage: to warm, for welding, ready-to-eat dishes, takeaway
Brand: Not allocated
Package [pcs]: 1
GTIN/barcode: GS02
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Sealable lidding film, used for sealing and tightly sealing catering containers. The film on offer has a HARD Peel layer - this is a film that is difficult to open. It also has an ANTYFOG layer, which prevents food from evaporating.

Sealing disposable containers is the modern way of packaging catering meals, delicatessen products, diet meals, meat products, vege products and much more.

Sealing films protect the packaged food from external influences, while not altering their taste or smell. The film is approved for food contact.

Advantages of sealing films

excellent sealability
resistance to punctures
protection against moisture loss.

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