The HoReCa industry is an extremely challenging customer with a large potential, but also high and strictly defined expectations. It is one of the most attractive markets. In our opinion, the most important thing is a consistent concept. The atmosphere is the most important thing for guests. With our wide range of products, you will make a great impression on your guests. We offer very high quality products that look great, stimulate the senses and add to the atmosphere.

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  1. Gel paste for warmers, 4 kg bucket
    SKU: 190401
    zł57.40 zł46.67
    Piece zł46.67 net
    Out of stock
  2. Oval white 5OV cups 105x40x25mm package 1 000pcs.
    SKU: 5OV
    Length - 105 mm
    Width - 40 mm
    zł88.79 zł72.19
    Piece zł0.07 net
  3. Isothermal containers for ice cream 1000ml brown compostable op.10pcs (k/12) set with lid
    SKU: 071202
    Capacity - 1000 ml
    Length - 232 mm
    Width - 135 mm
    zł105.36 zł85.66
    Piece zł8.57 net
    Out of stock
  4. Wine carafe 0,5L
    SKU: ARC0197
    Capacity - 500 ml
    Diameter - 90 mm
    zł14.12 zł11.48
    Piece zł11.48 net
    Out of stock
  5. Mozaik RC22 taca cateringowa op.5szt (k/5) 22x56cm, czarna, PS, Sabert
    SKU: MOZ932205C5
    Length - 560 mm
    Width - 220 mm
    zł52.46 zł42.65
    Piece zł8.53 net
    Out of stock
  6. Cutting board 600x400x18mm black
    SKU: 341637
    Length - 600 mm
    Width - 400 mm
    zł154.56 zł125.66
    Piece zł125.66 net
    Out of stock
  7. Waste bin 80l without lid
    SKU: 068080
    Capacity - 80 l
    Diameter - 490 mm
    zł215.25 zł175.00
    Piece zł175.00 net
    Out of stock
  8. Blacha do pizzy śr.320mm, h 25mmrrrr
    SKU: 560321
    Diameter - 320 mm
    zł19.68 zł16.00
    Piece zł16.00 net
    Out of stock
  9. CASABLANCA highball glass
    SKU: 400015
    Capacity - 360 ml
    zł6.31 zł5.13
    Piece zł5.13 net
  10. Boston Shots vodka glass
    SKU: 400044
    Capacity - 40ml
    zł4.40 zł3.58
    Piece zł3.58 net
  11. Stainless steel pan with coating
    SKU: 831625
    Diameter - 280 mm
    zł185.21 zł150.58
    Piece zł150.58 net
    Out of stock
  12. Beverage fridge 1-door 138 l
    SKU: 226568
    Length - 600 mm
    Width - 500 mm
    zł3,120.98 zł2,537.38
    Piece zł2,537.38 net
    Out of stock
  13. LONG LiFE PC glass 300 ml, 12 pcs
    SKU: 058387
    Capacity - 300 ml
    Diameter - 75 mm
    zł241.33 zł196.20
    Piece zł16.35 net
  14. Serving basket red large 28x17,5x4cm, 12 pcs
    SKU: 208.58
    Length - 280 mm
    Width - 175 mm
    zł56.83 zł46.20
    Piece zł3.85 net
    Out of stock
  15. Heater GN 1/1 with glass cover De Luxe Eco
    SKU: 471159
    zł2,458.82 zł1,999.04
    Out of stock

Items 1-30 of 5234

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