The HoReCa industry is an extremely challenging customer with a large potential, but also high and strictly defined expectations. It is one of the most attractive markets. In our opinion, the most important thing is a consistent concept. The atmosphere is the most important thing for guests. With our wide range of products, you will make a great impression on your guests. We offer very high quality products that look great, stimulate the senses and add to the atmosphere.

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  1. CAS vacuum packaging machine CVP-350/MSrr
    SKU: 01493
    zł6,763.77 zł5,499.00
    Out of stock
  2. Gas grill Fiesta 800
    SKU: 146804
    zł4,175.30 zł3,394.55
  3. Stool stand
    SKU: 147306
    zł802.35 zł652.32
    Out of stock
  4. Wkłady Z Gazem Do Palnika
    SKU: 199046
    zł36.33 zł29.54
    Out of stock
  5. Oven base 820x570x(H)700
    SKU: 224472
    zł1,758.22 zł1,429.45
  6. Base for ovens 540×440x(H)1000
    SKU: 224489
    zł1,341.93 zł1,091.00
  7. Baking chamber 8X600X400 - manually controlled
    SKU: 225967
    zł6,577.83 zł5,347.83
    Out of stock
  8. Gas Kebab Profi Line
    SKU: 226001
    zł4,426.60 zł3,598.86
    SKU: 227251
    zł6,947.21 zł5,648.14
    Piece zł564.81 net
    Out of stock
  10. Blast chiller 15 x GN1/1 - code 232491
    SKU: 232491
    zł49,284.49 zł40,068.69
    Out of stock
  11. 2-door freezer 900L
    SKU: 233139
    zł13,017.89 zł10,583.65

Items 1-30 of 5395

per page
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