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New year, new logo and changes!


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The data from the old shop has been migrated. If you cannot login, please use this link.

New look

This time we are changing, refreshing and improving our online shop, Bagstar.pl. This decision stems from the desire to better adapt our offer to the current needs of our customers and respond to their many suggestions. The most important goal was to introduce greater transparency and easier access to the products that interest you.

New categories

The arrangement of individual categories has been changed so that you can intuitively navigate the site. The most important categories are now located in the main menu.We have been preparing for this step for a long time and, of course, we worked on the new version of the shop in cooperation with our customers, who are always the best testers of new solutions and tools.
What are the new features of bagstar.pl? What will change at first sight?

Transparent design

The most visible change will certainly be the design of the shop. What are its features? The new version of the shop has a minimalist design, which includes esthetic graphic elements (kept in the colours of the Bagstar brand) and a refreshed and reorganized menu, so that customers can more easily find the products they are interested in among the approximately 30 thousand available in our offer.

New search tool

An innovation for customers will be the main menu on the top bar. Its extension allows for quick access to particular product groups. Customers will also have a product search tool at their disposal. The subject of ecology enjoys great interest. For this reason, we have created a separate tab "Eco packaging". The products in this section are fully biodegradable and compostable.

Make comments

We have created a Blog where we will publish texts on the most important changes and news in the HoReCa industry. IMPORTANT - your login access will not change. If you have any problems while logging in, please follow the steps below. link We really care about your opinion and any suggestions.
Tell us what you like, what is better than before, what is more readable and what you find difficult, what is missing, what we could change. The new shop is a live organism and we are still working on it, adding new functionalities and modifying its appearance.Remember - you have an impact on how it will look in the end. We look forward to hearing from you at uwagi@bagstar.pl

Every single opinion counts!

We are the place to start if you want to make any purchase, at any time, wherever you are. We deliver ordered goods with our own cars in Warsaw and its surroundings or we send them via renowned forwarding companies. You can also collect any goods ordered from us personally. Our employees are professional, committed and open to the needs of our customers. They will gladly help you choose an assortment matching your individual expectations.

We remain open to customer suggestions, offer the most optimal solutions, ensure continuous innovation and 100% satisfaction with your purchase.