Pojemniki garmażeryjne

Food containers

The delicatessen containers available in our offer are made of materials for contact with food products. They are commonly used in restaurants, bars, patisseries, delicatessens, food wholesalers, shops and supermarkets, as well as markets, among others. You will find a wide range of them in the Bagstar wholesale store. 

What is the delicatessen container used for? 

These containers are designed for packaging ready-made dishes, starters, salads, chops, dumplings, croquettes, pies and other foodstuffs. Transparent disposable delicatessen containers are also suitable for packing desserts in cafés and patisseries. 

What makes our delicatessen containers stand out? 

Our range includes delicatessen containers, which are ideal for environmentally conscious companies. Such a delicatessen container can be made from nature-friendly materials, making it an excellent alternative to traditional packaging.

Disposable containers - recycled 

At the end of their useful life, our containers can be recycled, which further contributes to environmental protection and promotes a closed loop economy. They are robust, versatile and practical - with a variety of uses in catering. What's more, they can also be frozen without any problem. 

Check out the range and order your delicatessen containers from our wholesaler!

Produkty 1-24 z 72

Pojemnik cukierniczy K 25G (ALI27) op.50szt. (k/10)
Length: 164 mm
Width: 148 mm
Height: 103 mm
32,34 zł 26,29 zł
Sztuka 0,53 zł Netto
O-BOX round container PP 300ml 100pcs. (k/10) TUS300
Capacity: 300 ml
Height: 62 mm
21,07 zł 17,13 zł
Sztuka 0,17 zł Netto
TS rPET cup with seal 0.25l 400pcs flat lid
Capacity: 250ml