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Food paper

The aesthetic needs of many Poles are changing.

Minimalist take-away packaging, in fact, has only positive effects. Minimalism is triumphing in many aspects of our lives, including food packaging.

If you are wondering where and which food papers to buy, we can advise you. There are many different types of packaging paper available on the market.
In catering establishments, natural and white food papers are used for packing take-away meals. For fast food, for lining trays of chips and other fatty foods, establishments use natural-coloured wrapping paper, usually without flashy prints. Parchment paper, or semi-perforated paper, is thick and strong and has a high tear resistance. An additional advantage is that most burger papers, kebab papers have a PE (polyethylene) layer, which acts as a barrier to fat and water.
Not much has changed in the food industry; sausage paper or cheese paper is still used. Thanks to food paper, products do not dry out and stay fresh for a long time.
New and trendy, however, are edible gifts wrapped in grey or white paper. Edible gifts in aesthetically pleasing paper packaging are a hit for any occasion.
Paper in rolls and sheets also has many other uses, but what and how we use it for is up to our imagination.

The ability to have everything has made us slowly appreciate that less is more. Today, the more minimalist the takeaway packaging, the better.


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