About the company

Poland's largest offer of packaging and consumables for shops and restaurants. Here you will find everything that is used all over Europe - modern, attractive, made of innovative and ecological materials.

Be modern and use our packaging and you will increase sales to satisfied customers.

Thanks to the use of global contacts of our company we offer our customers a huge selection of products from all over the world. We work with the best manufacturers from Poland, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, as well as from Turkey and China.

Use practical, beautiful and eco-friendly packaging.Right now, it's wheat bran, sugar cane, cellulose pulp and palm leaves.There are also raw materials that are used to create reusable, dishwasher-safe and microwavable packaging.

New shapes and designs encourage people to buy, and eco-friendly materials can be recycled or biodegraded after use.
We have a wide range of consumables, as well as a very large selection of chemicals - from popular to professional, meeting the most demanding requirements, and a wealth of cloths, mops, scrubbing pads, paper towels, waste and food bags, office supplies - in a word, everything necessary to run restaurants and shops. We also offer catering equipment and tableware from renowned companies.

An important part of our business is organising the production of selected goods with personalised prints. We offer prints made on food paper, takeaway boxes, bags, paper and plastic cups in various printing techniques.
Currently BAGSTAR is a modern stationery shop. We have also opened a modernised main shop bagstar.pl, as well as pakasystent.pl, kubkipapierowe.eu and bagstar2b.pl.

  • We are the place to start if you want to make any purchase, at any time, wherever you are.
  • We deliver ordered goods with our own cars in Warsaw and its surroundings or we send them by means of renowned forwarding companies.
  • You can also collect any goods ordered from us personally.

Our employees are professional, committed and open to the needs of our customers. They will gladly help you choose an assortment matching your individual expectations.

We remain open to customer suggestions, we offer the most optimal solutions, ensure constant innovation and 100% satisfaction with purchases.

We invite all those who would like to try their hand at our company to send their CV to: [email protected].