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Whether the packaging is ecological and biodegradable has become very important to customers. Protecting the environment is very important to us, so we opt for solutions that are in harmony with nature and help to keep it as healthy as possible for as long as possible.
Dishes made of palm leaves will be an eye-catcher due to their simplicity, dishes made of sugar cane are durable, resistant to moisture and temperature, and neutral in taste.
We also have bio plates and bio bowls made of wheat bran, wood and paper. Eco plates and eco bowls made from wheat bran can be composted or even eaten after use!

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  1. Cane bowl 450ml -50pcs diameter 17cm (k/20)
    SKU: 268074
    Capacity - 450 ml
    Diameter - 170 mm
    Special Price zł21.53 zł17.50 Regular Price zł22.24
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł17.50
    Piece zł0.35 net
  2. Miska prostokątna KRAFT 1000ml h.75mm, biodegradowalna op. 25 sztuk
    SKU: 88820
    Capacity - 1000 ml
    Length - 173 mm
    Width - 123 mm
    Special Price zł42.50 zł34.55 Regular Price zł72.35
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł34.55
    Piece zł1.38 net
  3. PureFiber eco bowl, 1000ml,180pcs 22x16cm, rectangular, wood fibre paper, uncoated, eco
    SKU: HF5102
    Capacity - 1000 ml
    Length - 220 mm
    Width - 160 mm
    Special Price zł154.98 zł126.00 Regular Price zł188.44
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł126.00
    Piece zł0.70 net
  4. BePulp OV19 oval bowl 770ml, 50pcs (k/6) 19x15 h 6cm, Sabert
    SKU: PUL18026
    Capacity - 770 ml
    Length - 190 mm
    Width - 150 mm
    Special Price zł55.76 zł45.33 Regular Price zł61.50
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł45.33
    Piece zł0.91 net
  5. 750ml sugar cane bowl - Transportation band, 25pcs. (k/20)
    SKU: VF40251
    Capacity - 750 ml
    Length - 470 mm
    Width - 110 mm
    Special Price zł15.84 zł12.88 Regular Price zł22.62
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł12.88
    Piece zł0.52 net
  6. DUNI bowl of octabagasse 650ml 183x183x42mm, natural colour, 50pcs. (k/6) 99188141
    SKU: 188141
    Capacity - 650 ml
    Length - 183 mm
    Width - 183 mm
    Special Price zł39.98 zł32.50 Regular Price zł51.66
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł32.50
    Piece zł0.65 net
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