Cutlery - Warsaw (Marki) 

We offer high-quality bio disposable cutlery. Biodegradable and compostable cutlery is revolutionising the disposable packaging market. We focus on durable solutions - we offer proven products. They are lightweight, convenient, eco-friendly, safe and durable. Take a look at our bio offer if you want to contribute to environmental protection. 

See the entire offer and order eco spoons, eco forks, eco knives, wooden chopsticks, eco spoons or eco forks. Visit our shop - we offer crockery, packaging and cutlery in Warsaw stationary or online delivery to an address of your choice!

Disposable cutlery 

Disposable cutlery can be manufactured from a variety of materials, the most common of which include wood and paper. With us you can buy PLA cutlery, CPLA cutlery, RCPLA cutlery, wheat bran cutlery, bamboo cutlery and wooden cutlery. They will come in handy on holiday, at a barbecue with friends or another outdoor event, as well as on the road or on a trip. You can also pack them in your child's backpack with their second breakfast. 

Where to dispose of disposable cutlery?

Biodegradable and compostable biodegradable cutlery is best composted. However, if you do not have the possibility to set up a private composter, bio-waste should be disposed of in a brown bin bag for bio-waste.

We guarantee aesthetics, durability and functionality - place your order for disposable cutlery at our wholesale store!

Produkty 1-24 z 101

GRILL & PIKNIK widelce drewniane op.6szt (k/80)
Material: Wood
Colour: Brown
Length: 160 mm
Packaging: 6
1,87 zł 1,52 zł
Sztuka 0,25 zł Netto
Łyżeczka deserowa PAP 150mm KIWI biała op.100szt. (k/18)
Material: Paper
Colour: White
Length: 150 mm
Packaging: 100
25,83 zł 21,00 zł
Sztuka 0,21 zł Netto
Łyżeczka deserowa PAP 130mm KIWI biała op.100szt. (k/25)
Material: PAP
Colour: White
Length: 130 mm
Packaging: 100
22,25 zł