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Bottle diets have become a favorite of proponents of light diets, even weight loss diets. Plastic bottles can accompany you wherever you wander. PET type plastic bottles are extremely lightweight. Convenient, highly functional food bottles will fit into a purse or regular car holder. 

Diet and juice bottles are very popular with catering companies. More and more consumers, with busy schedules, do not have much time to prepare independent, wholesome meals. Diets packed into a catering bottle guarantee comfort and convenience. PET bottles are simply handy and, thanks to the tight cap, they can be safely transported without fear of flooding. Diets in plastic bottles are popular with adults and children alike. 

If you are wondering what you can do (cool) with plastic bottles, we have the answer ;) RECYCLING! Throw the plastic bottle in the metal and plastic bin (unscrewed caps and crushed plastic bottles, of course). Changing our behavior is much more necessary than changing products. Let's not be afraid of plastic bottles. A PET plastic bottle can be reprocessed by recycling it. The result of this process is a rPET bottle. You can find a lot of rPET products in our offer.

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  1. rPET bottle square 400ml 100pcs. 38mm thread, TnP
    SKU: 15400
    Capacity - 400 ml
    Width - 55 mm
    Special Price zł73.80 zł60.00 Regular Price zł89.46
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł60.00
    Piece zł0.60 net
  2. Glass bottle MINI COLA 50ml
    SKU: MCL50
    Capacity - 50ml
    Diameter - 30 mm
    Special Price zł226.80 zł184.39 Regular Price zł330.24
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł184.39
    Piece zł5.12 net
  3. GINTO glass bottle 60ml, 24pcs.
    SKU: MGT6
    Capacity - 60 ml
    Diameter - 35 mm
    Special Price zł120.00 zł97.56 Regular Price zł163.74
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł97.56
    Piece zł4.06 net
  4. AMPOLIA glass bottle 100ml, 96pcs.
    SKU: FAG100
    Capacity - 100ml
    Diameter - 60 mm
    Special Price zł318.82 zł259.20 Regular Price zł469.59
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł259.20
    Piece zł2.70 net
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