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Disposable cups

Disposable cups

The disposable cups we offer withstand a wide range of temperatures and are an indispensable item at outdoor events, picnics, fast food bars, cafes and petrol stations (e.g. vending machine cups). The biggest advantage of disposable paper cups over their plastic counterparts is that they do not melt in contact with boiling water. 

In our disposable packaging wholesale we offer different sizes of disposable plastic cups with lids and paper cups with matching lids.

You can also order paper cups with prints from us.

The permanent introduction of a disposable paper coffee mug with an individual print into the consumer's consciousness is extremely important. We offer hot cups of 100 ml, 180 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 300 ml, 350 ml, 400 ml and 500 ml.

You can buy tasting cups, transparent plastic cups for beer or shake from us. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, takeaway cups are making the biggest splash.

Contact us to discuss terms of cooperation and purchase the most suitable disposable cup for your work. We will match each plastic or paper cup with a lid, cup protector, cup holder or paper cup tray.

Disposable cups made of PP, r-PET, PET, PS, OPS, XPP (EPP) will not be covered by the plastic directive ban, which comes into force from 3 July 2021. 

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