Sealing containers

Sealing containers

Catering sealing containers and diet lunch packs are designed for packing lunch meals and boxed diets. With sealer containers you will be able to transport all your meals such as lunch dishes, soups, salads or sauces safely.

Sealer containers are used for robust packaging of products using the sealing process.

Sealable containers for the catering company

A catering company needs to work efficiently. Therefore, choosing the right containers for the sealing machine is very important. Lunch containers for the sealing machine will make it easier to pack the food and ensure a very strong, robust seal.

Catering containers for the sealing machine ensure that the packaged product is protected from external factors such as moisture or contamination, and can also extend its shelf life and freshness.

Sealing containers. Wide selection

We offer heat-sealable containers made of polypropylene (PP) and sugarcane, which will enable you to reheat lunch dishes in the microwave thanks to their heat resistance.

We offer PP and candy cane sealing luncheon containers in non-sealable, bipartite, tripartite in transparent, white and black. We can offer a sealing machine and film for each sealing container. The wide range of products will allow everyone to find the right accessories for themselves.