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Bio straws are ocean and marine animal friendly. Organic straws are made of paper, but we also offer straws made of natural, 100% biodegradable materials. These ecological substitutes are great both as an additional decorative element and as a functional addition to drinks, smoothies and shakes. They are ideal for both hot and cold drinks. The eco-friendly straws can withstand temperatures from -25° C to 40° C. Paper straws will be in high demand after 3 July 2021, when plastic straws will slowly disappear from the market. From then on, the Plastics Directive will come into force, which aims to phase out unrecyclable plastic. Paper straws in our disposable packaging wholesale are available in many colours, lengths and packaging methods. We offer short paper straws, long paper straws, curved paper straws, individually wrapped straws and bulk straws. Kraft paper straws are also very popular. Ecological smoothie and shake straws made of paper have a diameter of 8 mm and are much wider to enjoy a delicious drink. Cocktail straws are much shorter and are a perfect decorative element.

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  1. Paper straws dia.12mm length 20cm Pastel MIX color, Bubble Tea, 200pcs. (k/7) TnG, truncated
    SKU: 50632
    Diameter - 12 mm
    Length - 200 mm
    Packing - Multiple
    Special Price zł36.00 zł29.27 Regular Price zł49.20
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł29.27
    Piece zł0.15 net
  2. Paper straws dia.6mm length 20cm BIO white with naruk BIO, op.250pcs (k/28) TnG
    SKU: 50603
    Diameter - 6 mm
    Length - 200 mm
    Packing - Multiple
    Special Price zł15.38 zł12.50 Regular Price zł24.18
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł12.50
    Piece zł0.05 net
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