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Kubki, pudełka z nadrukiem

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Kubki, pudełka z nadrukiem

Printed Packaging. Be associated with creativity and a dynamic approach to business.

It's nice to see you in our online store, where you can not only find great takeaway packaging, but you also have the option to add custom logo printing to the packaging of your choice. Thanks to our innovative InkJet printing technology, you can now create unique prints that will set your business apart from the competition. We encourage you to use packaging as mobile advertising. This is one of the most effective tools for building your brand.

We assure you that with us you can modify your printing on disposable packaging for different worlds, promotions and events, as we offer printing on small print runs already.

InkJet printing

  • Flexible and economical

    Our easy-to-use creator will allow you to customize your packaging design. You can choose your own designs, logos, graphics or texts to put on your packaging. InkJet printing is not only precise and high quality, but also flexible and economical.
  • Small print runs

    One of the advantages of our InkJet printing is that even small runs can be ordered without the high cost of dies or cylinders. This is ideal when you need personalized packaging for small events, marketing campaigns or special occasions.

   Screen printing or pad printing

While InkJet printing offers many advantages, there is a limitation associated with CMYK printing - the inability to print white directly. Areas that are supposed to be white on packaging will remain unprinted, revealing the natural color of the substrate. It is worth taking this fact into account when designing the print and choosing colors that will contrast well with the packaging material.

If you want to print in white, we also offer other solutions, such as screen printing and pad printing. However, please note that not all products can be printed with these techniques. For example, these are spatial boxes (which have a 3D structure) are not suitable for pad printing and screen printing. These techniques allow precise printing with white ink, giving you the ability to achieve the desired effect. Contact our customer service team for more information and to realize your unique personalization needs for disposable packaging.

   Delivery time depends on the selected product and printing technique, and can be from 3 to 14 days.
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  1. Brown paper bag 320x160x350mm, 90gsm, flat handle
    SKU: OGRG6964
    Length - 320 mm
    Width - 160 mm
    Special Price zł60.00 zł48.78 Regular Price zł86.10
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł48.78
    Piece zł0.49 net
  2. BURGER-tray 100pcs. 115x115x100mm, without print center white TnG
    SKU: 22425
    Length - 115 mm
    Width - 115 mm
    Special Price zł40.00 zł32.52 Regular Price zł51.66
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł32.52
    Piece zł0.33 net
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How to use the configurator for personalization?

Using our print configurator is child's play. Take a look at the brief instructions for its use. Remember, if you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service department.