The atmosphere is the most important thing for your guests, and the buffet is usually the centre of attention. Make a great impression on your guests with our wide range of products. In our shop you will find bamboo buffet stands, dispensers, trays, organic tablecloths and napkins.
Food has to look good and even arouse emotions.

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  1. Toothpick holder QUBE, square bamboo, 3.5x3.5x(h) 4.5cm, 6pcs. (12)
    SKU: S0107
    Length - 35 mm
    Width - 35 mm
    zł34.86 zł28.34
    Piece zł28.34 net
    Out of stock
  2. White crystalline sugar 1kg free-flowing (c/10)
    SKU: SP-630011
    zł4.29 zł3.97
    Out of stock
  3. Inox mini copper baking dish with handles, 14.5x9.5x4.5cm, op. 6 pcs
    SKU: 198.90
    Length - 145 mm
    Width - 95 mm
    zł238.41 zł193.83
    Piece zł32.31 net
  4. Mini saucepan in stainless steel dia.12 cm h4 cm
    SKU: P2014
    Diameter - 120 mm
    zł39.57 zł32.17
    Piece zł32.17 net
  5. Basket, steel cone stand dia.7xh.14,5cm
    SKU: T5426
    Diameter - 70 mm
    zł15.85 zł12.89
    Piece zł12.89 net
  6. Mini colander for serving 22cm grey stainless steel
    SKU: T5432.T
    Diameter - 220 mm
    zł32.80 zł26.67
    Piece zł26.67 net
  7. Mini colander for serving 18cm cream stainless steel
    SKU: T5431.O
    Diameter - 180 mm
    zł23.17 zł18.84
    Piece zł18.84 net
  8. Mini colander for serving 18cm red stainless steel
    SKU: T5431.M
    Diameter - 180 mm
    zł28.89 zł23.49
    Piece zł23.49 net
  9. Mini colander for serving 12 cm cream stainless steel
    SKU: T5430.O
    Diameter - 120 mm
    zł13.22 zł10.75
    Piece zł10.75 net
  10. Rectangular tray slate-like 40x18cm black PS, 5 pieces
    SKU: F0101
    Length - 400 mm
    Width - 180 mm
    zł48.81 zł39.68
    Piece zł7.94 net
    Out of stock
  11. Glass bottle 300ml ICE COLD DRINK dia.5.5xh.15cm
    SKU: T3005
    Capacity - 300 ml
    Diameter - 55 mm
    zł377.33 zł306.77
    Piece zł306.77 net
    Out of stock
  12. Cap with hole for straw for glass jar diameter 7.5 cm
    SKU: T3001.T1
    Diameter - 75 mm
    zł0.95 zł0.77
    Piece zł0.77 net
    Out of stock
  13. Glass jar 450ml with handle for drinks 7x7x14 cm
    SKU: T3001
    Capacity - 450 ml
    Length - 70 mm
    Width - 70 mm
    zł6.47 zł5.26
    Piece zł5.26 net
  14. Mug Moscow Mule 560ml copper-plated steel 1 pc. (24)
    SKU: P1004
    Capacity - 560 ml
    zł47.85 zł38.90
    Piece zł38.90 net
  15. Mini-saucepan stainless steel, dia 8.25cm h 5cm
    SKU: P2012
    Diameter - 82,5 mm
    zł31.49 zł25.60
    Piece zł25.60 net
  16. Mini-colander for serving dia.22 cm cream stainless steel
    SKU: T5432.O
    Diameter - 220 mm
    zł27.60 zł22.44
    Piece zł22.44 net
  17. Mini-colander for serving dia. 18 cm grey stainless steel
    SKU: T5431.T
    Diameter - 180 mm
    zł23.60 zł19.19
    Piece zł19.19 net
  18. Mini-colander for serving dia. 12 cm red stainless steel
    SKU: T5430.M
    Diameter - 120 mm
    zł13.22 zł10.75
    Piece zł10.75 net
  19. Rectangular steel basket 21x10x6 cm stainless steel
    SKU: T5424
    Length - 210 mm
    Width - 100 mm
    zł52.12 zł42.37
    Piece zł42.37 net
  20. Square steel basket 12.7x12.7x10 cm stainless steel
    SKU: T5420
    Length - 127 mm
    Width - 127 mm
    zł38.49 zł31.29
    Piece zł31.29 net
  21. Toothpick holder Chili, round bamboo, dia 3.5x4.5h, 6 pcs. (k/12)
    SKU: S0106
    Diameter - 35 mm
    zł40.52 zł32.94
    Piece zł32.94 net
    Out of stock
  22. Bamboo Sushi Mat 24x24cm (k/)
    SKU: 17602
    Length - 24 cm
    Width - 24 cm
    zł2.30 zł1.87
    Piece zł1.87 net

Items 1-30 of 177

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