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Cake liners

Cake liners are practical confectionery accessories that combine aesthetics and functionality. They provide a base for sweet works of art and also protect the surfaces on which the cakes are presented. The bases will prove useful not only under cakes, but also as a base for cold desserts, various cakes and pastries. They are sturdy and elegant, essential when baking sweets.

Environmentally friendly cake liners

Our range includes cake liners made from environmentally friendly materials. They are a response to growing environmental awareness and fit in with current trends. Thanks to the use of renewable raw materials and recyclable materials, they minimise the impact on the environment.

Practical cake liners - a great selection

Cake liners enable stable handling and presentation of cakes. In addition, they are resistant to moisture and grease, and their various designs and shapes can be adapted to any occasion, from weddings to birthday parties. Each cake gains in elegance, as well as being convenient to transport and properly protected.

In our wholesale store, the bases are available in various shapes and sizes - including 20 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, square, round, in the form of trays and more. Choose from trays in a variety of colours - including elegant gold placemats or black and gold placemats. Such discs will be indispensable when organising parties - anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, christenings or communions. 

Check out our offer and place an order for cake toppers in our packaging warehouse!

23 elementów

Gold cake ring, diameter 20cm, 100pcs 1050g
Diameter: 200 mm
80,32 zł 65,30 zł
Sztuka 0,65 zł Netto
Gold cake ring, diameter 22 cm, 100 pcs. 1050g
Diameter: 220 mm
76,35 zł 62,07 zł
Sztuka 0,62 zł Netto
Golden cake pads diameter 18cm, 100pcs 700g
Diameter: 180 mm
53,03 zł 43,11 zł
Sztuka 0,43 zł Netto
Golden cake pads dia. 12cm, 100pcs 800g
Diameter: 120 mm
28,54 zł 23,20 zł
Sztuka 0,23 zł Netto
Monoportion cake base fi10cm, a200pcs
Diameter: 100 mm
31,81 zł 25,86 zł
Sztuka 0,26 zł Netto
Golden cake pads dia. 5cm 1050g, 150 pieces
Diameter: 50 mm
21,21 zł 17,24 zł
Sztuka 0,17 zł Netto
Gold tray 6137 ELITE 35.0x26.5cm, 100 pieces
Length: 350 mm
Width: 265 mm
228,67 zł 185,91 zł
Sztuka 1,86 zł Netto
Cake pads gold-black 30x40cm rectangle, 25pcs