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Cake boxes

Cake boxes from Bagstar are a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution for confectioners, catering and also for home parties. Their main advantage is their versatility and wide range of applications - from professional confectionery displays in cafés to storing and transporting home baked goods. 

Cake packaging - various types

In the Bagstar range you will find catering boxes that are ideal for presenting and transporting larger quantities of sweets, Party Boxes - created for events such as festivals, weddings and other occasions, as well as boxes with a window to display the contents and encourage tasting. 

Cake boxes for durability

For customers looking for personalisation, printed cake boxes are available, which allow the logo of the pastry shop or a personalised message to be inserted, adding a unique touch to each package. A resealable container guarantees the durability of the cakes and desserts being transported, as they protect them from the elements and make them easier to transport. 

Professional cake container

Folding boxes are a practical solution for any pastry shop. Their design allows them to be folded quickly and easily, saving preparation time as well as storage space. The resealable packaging for cakes protects the contents and ensures a high level of hygiene during transport. These boxes are particularly recommended for takeaway deliveries or orders for special occasions, where the safety and freshness of the products are a priority.

Robust and practical container for cake and other sweets 

Robust workmanship and aesthetically pleasing design make our cake boxes a popular choice for professionals and amateur bakers alike, who appreciate the convenience and presentation of their baked goods.

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Produkty 1-24 z 104

Pojemnik cukierniczy K 25G (ALI27) op.50szt. (k/10)
Length: 164 mm