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Cake boxes

Bagstar offers a large selection of confectionery packaging - including cake boxes. They can be white, beige or coloured - choose the right one for the occasion. A different cake box will work for a child's birthday, another for a wedding anniversary or a company celebration. Cake boxes are indispensable in a cake shop, café or restaurant, and for anyone who bakes and sells cakes. 

Our range also caters for people who want to take a cake to a special occasion, bake a cake themselves and give it as a gift or present their cakes professionally.

Cake container - a great choice

We offer a wide range of confectionery boxes - you can find a container with the right shape and dimensions. Our cake boxes or tart bottoms are made from environmentally friendly materials - such as paper, cardboard, R-PET. 

They are recyclable, which fits in with the eco-friendly trend. They can be with a lid, a cake cap, a window for viewing the contents, with a handle, with ears or with an inscription. 

Cake box - proper protection and presentation 

A good cake container needs to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, as it should ensure that the dessert lasts and is well presented. It is a practical and elegant solution for storing, transporting and presenting sweet baked goods. 

The design of the containers not only provides protection for delicate cakes and pastries from external factors, but also facilitates their safe transportation. These boxes must provide the stability and strength necessary to maintain the shape and decoration of the cake.

Bagstar cake containers - hygienic and safe

Our cake boxes are made of materials that are food safe. They protect the cake from contamination and keep it fresh and attractive. The containers can also have a transparent window on the top or side, allowing you to present your cake without having to open the box.

Produkty 1-24 z 31

Cake box with handle 26x26x30cm white and brown, 10pcs, tall, TnP
Height: 300 mm
Length: 260 mm
Width: 260 mm
71,75 zł 58,33 zł
Sztuka 5,83 zł Netto
Cake box with handle 32x32x30cm white and brown, 10pcs, tall, TnP
Height: 300 mm
Length: 320 mm
Width: 320 mm
77,90 zł 63,33 zł
Sztuka 6,33 zł Netto
Box 18x18x9 white with printed Patina" 50pcs."
Height: 90 mm
Length: 180 mm