Miseczki do lodów

Ice cream bowls

Ice cream is popular in cafés and patisseries whatever the season. We offer visually appealing, colourful ice cream bowls, as well as brown or white ice cream packaging and kraft ice cream confectionery containers. We focus on high quality products - they must be durable, lightweight and practical. 

Cups and bowls for ice cream - a wide range

We follow trends, so the range of confectionery packaging for ice cream is systematically expanded with attractively priced and quality products. Ice cream cups play a key role in the presentation of the dessert, but also in its consumption. The ice cream cups or bowls available on the market can be made from a variety of materials - with us you can choose from paper ice cream cups, sugar cane or polystyrene. 

Cups and bowls for serving ice cream - various materials 

Paper ice cream bowls and cups are a popular choice for their simplicity and elegance. They are often used in patisseries and cafés, as well as at parties where the aesthetics of the desserts are important. 

In addition to the white versions, cups are also available in other colours and designs to match the theme of the party or the customer's preferences. The colourful packaging adds character to each serving of ice cream, making it even more appetising.

Bowls made from sugar cane are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable utensils. They are biodegradable and compostable. Thanks to their natural aesthetic, they are versatile and practical.

Isothermal containers for ice cream

In addition, we offer isothermic containers which ensure that the dessert stays cooler for longer, which is particularly useful for picnics or longer journeys or transport home. 

Produkty 1-24 z 43

Dekiel PAP fi. 94mm do miseczki do lodów op.50szt. (k/16)
Diameter: 94 mm
Coating: PE coated
Material: Paper
18,93 zł 15,39 zł
Sztuka 0,31 zł Netto
Dekiel PAP fi. 85mm do miseczki do lodów op.50szt. (k/24) zestaw z łopatką
Diameter: 85 mm
Coating: PE coated
Material: Paper
45,97 zł 37,37 zł
Sztuka 0,75 zł Netto
Dekiel PAP fi. 85mm do miseczki do lodów op.50szt. (k/24)
Diameter: 85 mm
Coating: PE coated
Material: Paper
16,61 zł 13,50 zł
Sztuka 0,27 zł Netto