Catering trays

Catering trays

Catering trays will work well for serving foods, snacks and appetisers such as cold cuts, cheeses, sandwiches, appetisers, cakes and pastries, fruit and much more. These are special types of containers for the presentation and handling of various products - they are commonly used in the catering industry. 

Catering trays - use

The uses of catering trays are wide and varied. They are used for the presentation and transport of cakes, sandwiches, snacks, fruit, as well as hot dishes. Their versatility and aesthetics make them indispensable in the catering industry.

The catering tray is useful in catering services, restaurants, buffets, as well as during the organisation of various events and parties. It is very often used when catering outdoors, in buffets, hotels, as well as when organising special events - such as weddings, kinder parties, banquets or conferences.

Disposable catering trays - what are they made of?

The materials of catering trays are often eco-friendly due to the growing awareness of environmental protection. Their manufacturers offer trays made of biodegradable or compostable materials such as paper pulp or other polymers. 

In addition to its functionality, the catering tray also responds to the needs of a market that is increasingly looking for solutions that are sustainable and minimise environmental impact.

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Produkty 1-24 z 25

Rectangular aluminium tray 35x26cm 50pcs
Length: 350 mm
Width: 260 mm
286,21 zł 232,69 zł
Sztuka 4,65 zł Netto
Catering tray ALU 334x234mm oval, op.100 pieces
Length: 334 mm
Width: 234 mm
224,79 zł 182,76 zł