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Sealing films

Sealing films

Sealable lidding film for sealing catering containers. Sealable lid film enables airtight packaging of meat products, vege, ready meals, boxed diets. Sealing trays covered with sealing foil make transportation easier.

Foils for heat sealers are of various lengths, thicknesses and widths. We also offer sealing films with easy peel effect and antifog function - preventing evaporation. You will find sealing films for all types of sealing machines. Our expert staff will help you choose the right seal film for your needs. Sealing films for lunch containers are transparent. Sealing film is suitable for manual, semi-automatic and automatic sealing machines.

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  1. Cover foil 210/250m Polylid 103 PEEL 55 microns TnP
    SKU: 59210
    Length - 250mb
    Width - 210 mm
    Special Price zł155.02 zł126.03 Regular Price zł188.61
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł126.03
    Piece zł126.03 net
  2. Cover foil 165/250m Polylid 103 PEEL 55 micron TnP
    SKU: 59165
    Length - 250mb
    Width - 165 mm
    Special Price zł110.00 zł89.43 Regular Price zł148.63
    Lowest price of the last 30 days: zł89.43
    Piece zł89.43 net
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