Tacki do sushi

Sushi trays 

Sushi trays are used for the packaging and transportation, as well as the elegant presentation of the popular Japanese delicacy. These special containers are an essential accessory for restaurants, sushi bars and catering companies that specialise in Japanese cuisine. The sushi serving tray is a modern solution that combines functionality with care for the environment. 

Sushi tray - a great selection 

The trays are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. Bamboo, cardboard, cane or paper pulp, among others, are used - such sushi trays are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. 

A cardboard sushi tray is a solution that fits in with the trend towards sustainability. The cardboard from which such trays are made is often recycled and biodegradable, minimising its impact on the environment.

Sushi serving tray - use

Sushi trays with a practical lid are used in both traditional Japanese restaurants and modern catering establishments, as well as in catering services. 

They are ideal for serving different types of sushi, including nigiri, maki, sashimi or uramaki. The sushi tray ensures that the served dish looks aesthetically pleasing, but also keeps it fresh, which is crucial for guests.

Choose sushi trays - specify size and shape

Our sushi trays are a good choice for sustainable catering. They are biodegradable and come in several sizes - they will be ideal for packing small, large and medium-sized sets. They can also come in a variety of shapes - rectangular, square or round. 

Produkty 1-24 z 39

SUSHI K 301 container 185x130mm, 50kpl. (k/8) OP-05
Height: 45 mm
Length: 185 mm
Width: 130 mm
45,84 zł 37,27 zł
Sztuka 0,75 zł Netto
SUSHI K 302 container 226x153mm, 50kpl. (k/6) OP-09
Height: 50 mm
Length: 226 mm
Width: 153 mm
63,09 zł 51,29 zł
Sztuka 1,03 zł Netto