Pojemniki take-away

Take away containers

In an era of growing environmental awareness and a booming catering market, our wholesaler specialises in providing packaging. In response to the needs of restaurants, catering and take-away outlets, we offer take-away containers that combine convenience of use with care for the planet. 

Takeaway lunch container - a wide choice 

We offer a wide range of containers to suit a variety of needs, from small snack boxes to larger containers for hearty lunch portions. Our containers are also prepared for safe use in microwaves and freezers, increasing their functionality.

Plastic take-away containers - functionality 

Plastic takeaway containers are robust and functional. They are also leak-proof, keep food warm and allow food to be transported safely without the risk of spillage. They will serve great in the catering and food service industry. 

Practical take-away containers 

Our plastic take-away containers are not only functional, but also designed to reduce environmental impact. By choosing our take away containers, customers are assured that they are investing in a product that serves not only to preserve the quality of the food they serve, but also to protect our environment. 

Takeaway lunch containers are a solution that allows the catering industry to operate in a sustainable way, while offering customers convenience and service satisfaction. 

Produkty 1-24 z 177

Foremka aluminiowa złota prostokątna 515ml op.50szt. (k/12) AS220515
Length: 142 mm
Width: 126 mm
Height: 45 mm
99,70 zł 81,06 zł
Sztuka 1,62 zł Netto
Foremka aluminiowa złota prostokątna 975ml op.50szt. (k/6) AS220975
Length: 214 mm
Width: 142 mm
Height: 45 mm
140,70 zł 114,39 zł
Sztuka 2,29 zł Netto
Pudełko na kanapki 12,4x12,4x7,5 okno "clear paper" op.50szt.(k/10) THEPACK
Length: 124 mm
Width: 124 mm
Height: 75 mm