Ecological cups with print

Ecological mugs with print
Customers see much more than we expect, which is why the logo on the packaging is an important element of the company's promotion and has an impact on the increase in recognition among customers.
Richly equipped storage facilities allow us to print any quantity on, among others, plastic bags, cups, paper bags or disposable packages.
We implement the most demanding individual projects and advise on creating unique printed packaging. Most importantly, it is all in one place, under the full control of a supervisor from our Sales Department. We will bring the ordered goods with our own transport (in Warsaw) or use the services of a courier company.
   The prices of prints depend on the number of colors in the graphics, the technique of printing and the circulation. The choice of the printing technique depends on the quantity of the ordered product and the material on which the printing is to be made. We select it for each project so as to determine the best print quality and that the price offer is the most attractive for you.

We make prints using the following techniques:

  • Screen printing

    The minimum order is 100 pieces.

    Screen printing is a universal printing technique. It is used for single and multi-color printing. You can use this method on many types of materials, such as paper, cardboard, foil, glass and plastic bottles. The quote for printing using screen printing is always individual.
  • Flexographic

    The minimum order is 9,000 pieces.

    The flexographic printing method is distinguished by the use of convex printing forms that are glued to the log, which rotates and applies paint to the product. In the flexographic method, well-adhering inks are used, with the possibility of drying very quickly. Therefore, they are well suited for printing on non-absorbent products, especially on plastic films, thanks to which flexography has an incredibly large share in the packaging industry.
  • Pad printing

    The minimum order is 100 pieces.

    The pad printing method consists in applying paint to the products from a flat printing plate with concave printing elements, using a smooth stamp (pad) of an appropriate shape. Due to the simplicity of the pad printing technique, it is possible to print a design on a large number of ordered products in a fairly short time. Pad prints are characterized by very high resolution, even small inscriptions (font height approx. 3 mm) remain legible.
We print on plastic bags, paper bags, cups, kebab boxes, containers for pasta and ready meals, snack bags, diet boxes, wrapping papers, burger and French fries trays, spice sachets and napkins. Of course, we are constantly expanding our offer, we provide constant news.

In order to agree on the details, please contact us by e-mail, because we know that the project is not equal to the project. Together, we will establish an action plan and terms of cooperation.

   Before contacting our employee, please prepare the following information:

  1. logotype design,
  2. the material on which the print is to be made,
  3. the size of e.g. a paper bag, cup or other packaging,
  4. circulation.

This will significantly speed up the order execution process.

It would be a pleasure for us to cooperate with you as well.

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