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Take-away packaging

Bamboo chopsticks 21cm white envelopes single packed,100 pairs (k/20) - Sticks - Cutlery - Packaging

Bamboo chopsticks

Take-away packaging
Delivery: paczkomat
SKU: 17728
Package [pcs]: 100
Material: bamboo
Colour: natural
Length: 210 mm
Packing: Single
Individually packaged: Yes
Brand: Not allocated
Series: professional solution
GTIN/barcode: 4316734177281
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Individually wrapped bamboo chopsticks are perfect for Asian cuisine.

Among other things, they are perfect for eating sushi. The use of individually wrapped chopsticks is very hygienic. 

How to eat with chopsticks? You certainly must not be discouraged :)

Place one chopstick, which will be the stationary "base", between your index finger and thumb and hold with your middle and ring fingers. It's easy :)

Place the second, movable stick parallel to the stationary one and hold it with your thumb and index finger. Sounds strange, but it can be done :)

With the upper stick we grab the food, resting it on the stationary stick. Our thumb and forefinger help us perform the maneuvers. You can do it! 


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