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Professional chemistry

CLINEX DezoSept 5L żel do dezynfekcji rąk - Professional chemistry - Hygiene and Protective

CLINEX hand disinfection gel

Professional chemistry
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SKU: 77-020
Usage: shop, bakery, bakery, bar/café, gastronomy, petrol station, healthcare, protection/hygiene, hotels, to offices
Capacity: 5 l
Package [pcs]: 1
Series: brand product, professional solution
Chemistry: hand desinfection
Brand: Clinex
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Disosept - Alcohol-based hand disinfection gel, thanks to the content of care substances does not dry the skin, does not leave a sticky feeling and disinfected hands smell of coconut milk aroma. Effective fight against viruses and bacteria wherever we can not wash our hands with soap and water. It is enough to rub a small amount of gel (3 ml) into hands to get rid of harmful microorganisms after just 30 seconds.

Gel hand disinfectant is extremely efficient, so it will last for a long time. It will be successfully used by service companies, such as beauty salons, hairdressers and fitness clubs. The market abounds in agents for hand disinfection. It is worth choosing the proven ones created by companies that subject their products to tests, which is what Clinex does. The customer is absolutely sure that the hand disinfectant is effective and safe for his skin.

The product is alcohol-based, but for the sake of safety and comfort, the formula was developed in such a way that it kills any viruses and bacteria on the hands, while moisturizing and nurturing them. The product does not cause any discomfort and prevents the feeling of stickiness. The undoubted advantage is that Clinex Dezosept does not smell of alcohol like most hand sanitizers on the market, but gives hands a delicate scent of coconut milk. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest differentiators of this product. The pleasant coconut scent is gentle and makes your hands feel even more cared for.

Gel hand sanitizer will be a good choice for people who appreciate effective products. Efficient and not acting invasively on the skin, but only on bacteria and viruses lingering on it.

- Guaranteed effectiveness confirmed by tests
- Moisturizes and nourishes hands
- Prevents the feeling of skin stickiness

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