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Welding boxes

DUNI CPET sealing container 250pcs black, 3 compartment 225x175x34mm Eco Echo - Rectangular containers for sealing - Welding boxes - Packaging

Lunch container for sealing

Welding boxes
Delivery: paczkomat
SKU: 151307
Length: 225 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 34 mm
Capacity: 820 ml
Material: CPET
Product shape: rectangular
Number of chambers: 3
Colour: black
Series: low-cost solutions
Usage: to warm, for welding, to the oven, for microwave, ready-to-eat dishes, street food, pasta, rise
Brand: Duni
Package [pcs]: 250
GTIN/barcode: 07321031513073
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Duni Eco Echo container, 3-chambered has been made from 60% recycled material.

The sealable containers we offer, lunch containers withstand a wide range of temperatures and are an indispensable item in catering, catering, fast food bars, cafes. The greatest advantage of the three-part containers is that an entire meal consisting of three separate dishes can be sealed tightly and transported. The containers on offer are rigid, with a wide sealing lip to ensure a tight seal.

In our disposable packaging wholesale business, we offer lunch packs of various sizes, lunch containers with compartments, menuboxes and much more.

You can buy lunchboxes from us in a variety of sizes, including three-part, two-part and one-part. The takeaway lunch containers come in transparent, white and black. In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, takeaway meals in lunch containers are extremely popular.

Contact us to arrange a deal and purchase the most suitable lunch container for your business. We will match any lunch container with a lid, sealer or lidding film.

Lunch containers made of PP, r-PET, PET, PS, OPS, XPP (EPP) will not be affected by the plastic directive ban and can continue to be used.


capacity: 430+225+165ml
material: CPET
microwave: YES
oven: YES
lid: available separately
temperature range: -40 / +200.

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