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Paper towels

Roll towel MIDI BaVillo HoReCa+ 6, cellulose, 2 layers, 150m - Paper towels - Hygiene and Protective

Roll towel MIDI BaVillo HoReCa+

Paper towels
sup_directive: not applicable
SKU: 116314
Length: 150 m
Number of layers: two-layer
Usage: grocery shop, market/market, shop, bakery, bakery, bar/café, gastronomy, catering, petrol station, healthcare, hairdressing & cosmetics industry, cleaning accessories, household, hotels, to offices
Material: cellulose
Colour: white
Package [pcs]: 6
Series: professional solution
Chemistry: universal means
Brand: Bavillo
GTIN/barcode: 5907534707328
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Need a quick and convenient solution to maintain hygiene in public areas? Our MIDI BaVillo HoReCa+ double-ply disposable towel role is the perfect solution for you!

Our disposable towels are made of a soft and pleasant-to-touch material that will gently dry your hands and keep you comfortable. The double-layered construction guarantees durability and reliability, which means you don't have to worry about the towel tearing during use.

Our disposable towel is practical and convenient. Whether you own a restaurant, office or shop, our MIDI BaVillo HoReCa+ disposable role towel is sure to meet your needs.

Don't wait any longer, order our two-ply disposable towel today and enjoy hygiene without the stress and hassle!

Disposable towels have many uses in different areas of life. Their main role is to ensure hygiene and cleanliness, as well as to facilitate many activities.

In the kitchen, disposable towels can be used to wipe hands, dishes and surfaces. In restaurants, cafés and other places where food is served, disposable towels are often used to dry hands and also to clean tables and chairs between customers.

In bathrooms, disposable towels are often used as an alternative to traditional towels, especially in public areas such as toilets in shopping centres, train stations, airports or hospitals. This avoids the spread of bacteria and disease by sharing towels.

Disposable towels are also used in the cosmetic and hairdressing industry, where they are used to wipe hands and tools, as well as to dry hair. In offices and other workplaces, disposable towels are used to dry hands after using the toilet.

In short, disposable towels play an important role in maintaining hygiene and ensuring cleanliness in many areas of life, and also help to reduce the risk of infection and disease.

MIDI BaVillo HoReCa+ role towel:

- length: 150m
- number of layers: 2
- basis weight: 2x16
- leaf size: 190x240mm
- colour: white
- material: cellulose

Packing - 6 rolls in a package

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