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Glass jar Ø 82mm 350ml pallet 3211 pcs. - Glass jars - Lunch boxes - Packaging

Glass jar pallet

All packaging
SKU: TO-350
Height: 96 mm
Diameter: 82 mm
Capacity: 350 ml
Material: glass
Product shape: around
Colour: transparent
Series: low-cost solutions
Usage: to warm, to cold, for microwave, soup, vegetables, fruit, salads, sauce, dip, dressing, tastings, gastronomy, catering
Brand: Think`n pack
Package [pcs]: 1859
GTIN/barcode: 5061
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zł3,532.10 zł2,871.63
Piece zł1.54 net
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Glass jar, weight 335g, lid type: FI 82 (6 catch). Sales unit: pallet of 3211 pieces

Eco-friendly alternative in gastronomy for takeaway packaging. Made of thick, transparent glass, practical in any kitchen.

If you are preparing a large party or looking for original dishes for your catering establishment - our jar is a real hit. The jars can be used as containers, for serving food directly to the table. The pallet contains as many as 2816 jars. After conversion, the unit price comes out really favorably.

In addition, the jars are very versatile. Application:

 they can be used for loose products such as spices, teas, coffees, groats, sugar or nuts and sweets,
 stored products stay fresher and aromatic longer,
 used for home preserves,
 used for pickling and pickling vegetables, seasoning fruits, 
 a great way to serve portions of compote and smoothies. 
   We have long sought to implement initiatives that are environmentally friendly. We are constantly looking for ways to minimize our impact on the planet. Check out our full range of eco packaging.

Eat and keep our planet healthy!


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