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Salad boxes

K RO 375ml PET container a50pcs - Food containers - Lunch boxes - Packaging

Salad container

Salad boxes
sup_directive: 0.25
Delivery: paczkomat
SKU: 45139
Personalizacja: No
Capacity: 375 ml
Product shape: around
Height: 70 mm
Diameter: 154 mm
Number of chambers: 1
Material: PET
Colour: transparent
Usage: to cold, bread, biscuits, vegetables, fruit, ready-to-eat dishes, takeaway, salads, ready-made food, grocery shop, market/market, shop, bakery, bakery, gastronomy, catering
Series: low-cost solutions
Brand: Papstar
Package [pcs]: 50
GTIN/barcode: 5903135003708
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In our offer we have goblets for salads. Into the containers, you can successfully pack all sorts of other products, such as jellies or pasta.

Transparency of disposable salad goblets makes it impossible to doubt their contents and colorful layered jelly will be a hit at any party. The goblets come in several sizes.

Disposable salad containers will be needed at any outlet that offers take-out meals. They are indispensable in catering, catering establishments, fast-food bars, street food, food trucks.

Salad dishes can be used at various outdoor events - picnics, barbecues, festivals, etc.

They can also be successfully used for private purposes, such as packing meals for work or school.

They are extremely functional, as they will avoid the hassle of washing dishes, which is a significant time-saver.

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